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Back to Blogs The Benefits of Video Marketing - Aerial Innovations Southeast

The Benefits of Video Marketing

Companies are investing in drones to provide aerial images of products for marketing purposes and social media sites, allowing them to showcase their products and services uniquely. The benefits of video marketing can help your business become more successful, particularly in the real estate, construction, and marketing industries. Here are 8 ways to use video marketing to uniquely set your business apart from competitors.

 1. Assists in Video Marketing for Business

Many companies are investing in drones for photoshoots of their products. The drone video footage is then added to the companies’ websites, social media accounts, and other marketing materials. This has been effective video marketing for businesses because when done correctly it can add a unique touch and sell a product better than just using still photos. Using video footage from a drone is especially beneficial because it allows the viewer to see the subject matter from multiple angles. A still photo can only show what is in front of the camera, but a moving picture can show different angles and better showcase the product

2. Shapes a New Look for Company Websites

Individuals and companies have been using drones to create unique and interesting angles on their websites. This creative look has been a huge success with website visitors. Most people are excited to learn more about the company, its products, and its services through drone footage. Since so many people are interested in outdoor photography and video marketing for business, it is only natural that companies will find drones to be an effective way to show product shots. This type of photography is becoming very popular and companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to market their business

3. Creates Valuable Content for Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts, especially Instagram, have been using drones as a way to add content. Since many people are on these sites and check them often, it is important for companies to use them for their marketing strategies and enjoy the benefits of video marketing. Drone videos allow companies to show what their products look like and how they act in different conditions. The importance of video generated by a drone allows the company to showcase their products in ways that they would not be able to show using still photos. Not only can companies take videos of their products, but they can also create video tutorials and demonstrations for customers interested in purchasing their products.

4. Saves Time

When taking videos of a subject matter using a drone, companies can spend less time on the photoshoot than taking them using traditional means. This can help them save money since they do not have to hire a professional photographer and rent or buy specialized equipment. Life can be much easier when there is less to worry about and less for the employees to do.

5. Helps Companies Maximize Business Opportunities 

Using drones has changed the landscape of many industries. Not to mention, this is only happening now that almost everyone owns a drone. At one time, shooting aerial photos of products was virtually impossible, but now it is much easier. Companies have been using drones to maximize their marketing efforts and increase the quality of their videos. These media tools are now used more often, and their impact on various industries has been significant.

6. Develops a New Marketing Strategy

Companies can use drones to engage customers through their social media accounts and online websites. Companies should have a positive image online, which can be done in various ways. Drone videos allow businesses to create content that helps them stand out against the competition and experience the benefits of video marketing. Customers are attracted to companies that seem unique, and using aerial images of products is an inexpensive way to create this effect.

7. Leverages Your Competition

Companies have to be on top of their game to stay ahead of the competition and create the best products. Using drones allows companies to add product images that will keep them at the cutting edge. Aerial photos of a company’s products or services make it easier for consumers to understand what is being offered. Since very few industries do not use drones for marketing purposes, companies need to stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of this new trend. This will help them advertise their products in a way that has not been done before.

8. Builds Entertainment Value

Anyone who has looked at the commercials on television or online is familiar with the concept of entertainment value and the importance of video production. The company will create a video that will entertain the audience and have an emotional impact on them. If a company can make their product seem exciting, more people will be interested in buying it. This has been a strong strategy for many commercials, and the same principle can be applied to drone videos. Companies can use drones to create video footage that tells a story about their product and its use.

The Takeaway

Businesses can use drones to create entertainment value. Using them to shoot photos or videos of a product can make it more interesting than using other methods. Video marketing has been a successful strategy and helped companies stand out from the competition. Companies have been using drones for their business needs, and their impact across all industries has been significant. 

Our Aerial Innovations Southeast team of professionals possess expertise and years of experience in aerial and drone photography. If you’re looking to utilize drone videography for your next business venture, get in touch with us today.