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The Different Types of Construction Photography Explained

The construction industry has always been a competitive one. For your business to stand out, you need to have a robust marketing strategy that effectively highlights your business’s unique value. You can bolster your marketing strategy with construction site photography, involving everything from virtual tour photography to pre-construction photos. Below is an in-depth guide that tells you all you need to know about construction photos and when to use them.


What Is Construction Photography?

Construction photography is a process that involves taking images of a building as it’s being constructed. These photos can be taken from the concept stage to completion. When you hire a construction photographer, you’ll be able to document every facet of the construction process in a manner that allows you to understand how effective your team is, what the final results are, and what the process is like. The right construction photo can even help you win future bids.


What are the Different Types of Construction Photography?

The types of photos that are taken largely depend on the stage of construction that you’re in.


Pre-construction Photography

Pre-construction photos are simple and straightforward shots meant to display exactly what the construction site looks like before work begins. Since these photos will be compared with images of the final result, it’s perfectly acceptable for them to be gritty and less composed. These images are also helpful for insurance reasons. If an accident occurs during the construction, pre-construction photos give you an additional layer of protection.


In-progress Photography

In-progress photos are taken at different stages of your project. You can use them for marketing or internal documentation. They can also be shot when the construction crew works or the site is empty. Post-production editing for these photos is minimal.


Final Photography

Once the construction process is completed, it’s time to take intricate and beautiful shots of the building and the surrounding property. During final photography, the photo shoots can include exterior, interior, aerial, and detail photos. You can use these images for:


  • Office art
  • Marketing photos
  • Documentation
  • Awards
  • Publication

Since these images are often used for marketing reasons, post-processing, and supplemental lighting are commonly applied.


Aerial or Drone Photography

Drone photography is a highly advantageous form of construction photography that allows you to capture buildings and construction sites with more unique and one-of-a-kind shots. It’s possible to fly hundreds of feet into the air with drone photography. Using a wide angle lens means that the size of the building can be accurately displayed. AA licensed construction photographer ensures that the proper photos are taken without issue.


Marketing Photos

These images can include team photos, portraits, and equipment shots. Construction companies use these photos on their social media pages, websites, and other marketing materials.


Virtual Tour Photography

It’s also possible to capture a 3D or 360-degree tour of your construction site with this form of photography. Viewers can experience the tour from their office or home. In most cases, virtual tours occur without people or supplemental lighting.


What Is the Best Way to Photograph Construction Sites?

Like any form of photography, the purpose isn’t to solely capture beautiful images. You can use construction photos to tell a story and emphasize the unique features of a space. Knowing how the construction photo will be used makes it easier to compose it. Website images are often horizontal, while publications require vertical imagery. Understanding what goals you have for your photos allows the photographer to capture everything that’s needed to reach these goals.


What are Some Tips for Safely and Effectively Photographing Construction Sites?

Before you hire a construction photographer, there are some tips you should know about how to safely and effectively photograph construction sites. For instance, lighting is essential to the success of any photo shoot. While natural light is sometimes sufficient, supplemental lighting is necessary for most interior construction images. This lighting can add contour and layers to the construction photo.


It’s also essential that the photographer and client communicate well with one another. When hiring a photographer, make sure that you:


  • Know how you’re going to use the photos
  • Schedule a site walkthrough to discuss details
  • Properly communicate location restrictions or time constraints
  • Ask any questions that come to mind

To select the right photo, you should:


  • Ask the photographer for a selection of their best shots
  • Look at the composition and lighting
  • Use minimal retouching
  • Consider cropping photos
  • Keep the proofs

At Aerial Innovations, we can help your business reach new heights with professional drone services and aerial photography. Whether performing a renovation or constructing a commercial building from scratch, our professional photographers will help you capture the perfect shot.