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What Will You Ask Aerial?

Ask Aerial Explained by CEO Wendy Whittemore

Aerial Innovations Southeast is here to not only deliver great photographs, but also keep you in the loop as the landscape of photography evolves. Whether it’s technology that is changing, industry standards, or simply the needs of our clients, we’re here to make sure we give you the most up to date options and explanations of solutions to help you decide what’s best for your project.

Our “Ask Aerial” series was created when we had to stop in person networking to fill in the gaps of not being able to gather in groups due to COVID-19, share stories face to face and even visit job sites. Wendy, our CEO had the idea to quickly get connected online and keep the conversations going…here’s a peek at what it’s all about!

Check it out and let us know what would you Ask Aerial? We’re listening!

Some fun facts about Aerial Innovations Southeast!

  • We have office locations in Nashville and Atlanta, and provide aerial photography services in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. We proudly serve Nashville and the surrounding areas of Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Louisville, and Atlanta!
  • We’ve been in business for 20 years evolving with technologies film to digital, manned aircraft to drones, now drone tech 360, panoramic stitching and virtual tours!
  • Our services cover aerial, architectural and construction photography for progress or marketing images and videos. We run full production and will always tailor the job to your requirements!
  • We are here to service the construction industry as whole and stay closely connected with the video and photo industry and trade partners leaning on them for expert answers!
  • Our topics in Ask Aerial include best practices, budget, marketing, drones and legality, headshots, future services, 3D tech, scanning and so much more!

Tune in to Ask Aerial, returning on all social platforms October 2020!


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