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What You Should Know Before Using Real Estate Drone Photography

Most effective real estate marketing uses drone photography for listings. This style of photography allows you to get impressive aerial shots that show the full scope of a property. While it can be a great way to appeal to buyers, drone photography isn’t as easy as traditional photography. If you consider using real estate drone photography, there are a few things you should know.

Drones Do More Than Just Take Real Estate Aerial Photography

Many real estate agents assume drones are useful for aerial photos showing the property layout. However, drones are useful for some other things, too. It’s essential to understand all of the exciting applications of drone photos to get the most out of your real estate drone photography. Drones are excellent for video. They don’t require unique mounts or tripods, so you can easily use a drone to create a high-quality walkthrough of the property. You can also use real estate drone photography to get shots traditional cameras can’t. They can fit in small corners or hover at higher heights to capture images of fun architectural details.

The Type of Drones You Use in Real Estate Photography Matter

Keep in mind that not all drones are equal. Many drones are just meant for casual hobbyists, not serious professionals. Using these lighter drones for real estate results in poorer-quality photos that won’t improve your online listing. To get crisp, clear images, you need to wisely choose your drones for real estate photography. Whether you plan on shooting the photos yourself or hiring experts for drone use in real estate, make sure the drone has these specs:

  • Professional-grade camera or capability to add your desired camera to the drone
  • 4K capabilities for taking video
  • Pre-programmed flight modes and altitude hold to make it easier to get unique shots
  • 3-axis gimbal to stabilize the drone during photos
  • Battery life of at least a half-hour

You Typically Need a License for Drone Photography

Things aren’t always straightforward when it comes to real estate and drones. You can’t just send a drone up to get a few shots. There are strict regulations about drone use in real estate photos in most places. Since you’ll be using the drone for income generation, you’ll need a Remote Pilot Certificate. This license for drone photography requires passing a 60-question test that proves you know basic airspace guidelines. You’ll also need to register your drone and avoid using it in any restricted airspace.

Drone Photography for Real Estate Works Best in Certain Situations

An excellent real estate agent knows that the same approach won’t work for every property. There are some situations where a drone photo might highlight problems with the property and scare away potential buyers. You might want to skip real estate aerial photography for a house next to a factory or other eyesore.

Like any other real estate photos, drone photos need to emphasize good features. Drone photos work best when the property’s surroundings are part of its selling point. Consider combining real estate and drones when selling properties in desirable locations. Drones for real estate photos are also good if the property has a pool, gorgeous landscaping, outbuildings, or other notable features.

You’ll Need to Schedule the Right Time for Your Real Estate Drone Photos

No matter how good your drone pilot and camera are, you can’t get perfect photos. To get the best results, you need to plan your photoshoot thoughtfully. Natural light is one of your most important assets when using drones for real estate photography. Furthermore, most drones cannot fly in the rain. Choosing the best time to take photos is key to drone photography. Ideally, you want to pick a day where it will be sunny, with minimal wind or rain. Make sure you have at least an hour free for drone real estate photography because the pilot won’t get perfect photos in a rush.

With a little bit of planning and patience, you can get high-quality real estate drone photos. For best results, turn to the professionals. Aerial Innovations Southeast provides stunning drone real estate photography. Get in touch with us today to learn more about using drone photography for your next real estate project.