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Documenting an epic development that houses Amazon, ADM Processing Facility, and the North American Volkswagen Plant. We provided the eye in the sky that helped developers plot and execute their course of action. It takes a bird’s eye view to truly understand the size and scope of this project.

We worked with just about every company and organization involved in making Enterprise South a reality. Starting with the civil engineers that used our aerial images for their initial planning. Then it moved onto site contractors as they cleared and cut in roads. Construction workers used our images to build effective roundabouts and highway exits - giving better access to the site.

We worked with owners (Volkswagen & ADM Food Processors), contractors (Gray Construction, Glover Construction, D.F. Chase, MPL and more), solar developers (Phoenix Solar). We even collaborated with the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce.

Capturing the big picture

Since 2004, we have documented all aspects of this multifaceted development with aerial and ground photography. The project has generated thousands of jobs in addition to providing a beautiful nature park for the public to enjoy. Our involvement in this endeavor has been thrilling.



the outcome

It takes a lot of cooperative effort to see through a project of this size and scope. Our aerial and ground photography services gave decision makers an ongoing perspective. The landscape made way for industrial buildings but parks and trails were built so the land could be enjoyed. We feel fortunate to have been involved in making this project a reality.

They are my preferred supplier for construction photographic and mixed media documentation. We continually have needs for the services of Aerial Innovations in this ever-changing technical environment. I recommend without reservation Aerial Innovations for any and all photographic and mixed media needs.

- Kevin Keller, Bell & Associates

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