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Back to Blogs Golden Hour Photography of the Nashville Pedestrian Bridge

Golden Hour Photography Produces Pure Marketing Magic

If you are looking for a different way to capture the beauty of your real estate development or construction project, the solution may be found in twilight photography. Twilight is a specific and brief period of time immediately before sunrise or directly after sunset. During this time period, the area may be bathed in golden tones without the brilliance of direct sunlight. Often, the structure is illuminated with artificial light to deliver truly magical results. It may also be called golden hour photography or magic hour photography.

The Unique Challenges of a Twilight Photoshoot

The most obvious challenge that you may face when taking advantage of twilight real estate photography for your current needs relates to timing. Generally, a photographer has access to the beauty of twilight’s light effects for only 20 to 25 minutes. During this period of time, the color variations and the strength of the lighting will change dramatically until a “blue light” phase has been reached in the evening. 

In the morning, twilight ends when full daylight is achieved. The blue light phase is when the sky still has some indirect sunlight present and before the full darkness of night has set in. In many cases, the best time for twilight real estate photography is even more limited. 

Civil twilight is categorized as the first third of the twilight period in the evening or the last third of the twilight period in the morning. This is the time when the colors are the warmest without being exposed to direct sunlight. The rapidly changing lighting conditions are combined with weather conditions. Choosing the right day for the shoot is as important as shooting at the right time.

The Different Types of Lighting Options with Golden Hour Photography

When trying to take advantage of magic hour, the intensity and tones of the lighting are only a few of the factors to consider. The positioning of the subject in relation to the light source directly affects the results. For example, when the lighting is striking the subject from the front view, the subject is bathed in soft golden tones. The direct opposite of front lighting is backlighting. With backlighting, the light source will be behind the building that is being photographed. The subject property will be framed in glowing light or in a soft haze of warm light. A variation of backlighting is rim lighting. The light source is behind the subject at an angle. This effect can create an off-center halo effect with dramatic shadows that may be elongated the further you are from the exact time of sunrise or sunset.

You can also take advantage of two other lighting effects immediately before twilight, so it may be wise to schedule a twilight shoot to cover a slightly longer period of time. One of these lighting effects is a solar flare. This occurs when the setting or rising sun is placed just out of view or is slightly visible. The sunlight will reflect on the lens to produce a unique effect. A silhouette lighting effect is not commonly used for twilight real estate photography, but it can beautifully highlight the shape of the structure. This effect essentially makes the subject completely black, and the subject is set against a bright yet warm backdrop.

The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Photographer

One of the most important factors that will influence the results of your twilight photoshoot is the photographer’s credentials. Profound skills, as well as experience working quickly to take advantage of changing lighting conditions from various angles, are both critical. The beauty of magic hour photography is further enhanced by the photographer’s processing efforts. An experienced photographer will take the time to learn what you want to achieve through golden hour photography so that he or she can deliver those results.

Commercial Photographer for Hire

Aerial Innovations Southeast is a marketing photography firm that specializes in commercial and architectural photography. Services are available at any time of day, and twilight photography services are offered via a ground view as well as through aerial or drone photography. To inquire about marketing photography services during the golden hour or at any other time of day, contact Aerial Innovations Southeast today.


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