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Understanding the Different Types of Construction Photography

Construction is a highly competitive industry. The key to standing out as a business lies in your marketing strategy. One highly effective tool you can leverage to give your business an advantage in the market is construction photography. But what exactly is this type of photography? How does it work, and what are the benefits? More importantly, who do you turn to for the best results? Let’s take a closer look at construction photography in the guide below to answer these questions and more.


What Is Construction Photography?


Construction photography is the process of capturing the progress of a building (or buildings) as it makes its way from concept to completion. As with any business, clients need to know that your company is the right fit for the job. Enlisting the help of a construction photographer allows you to document construction throughout the entirety of the project in question. This helps clients better understand what the process looks like, how your team operates, and, most importantly, what the end results are.


What Are the Different Types of Construction Photography?


Construction site photography is about capturing the hard work behind the scenes of every building. In today’s digital world, there are many methods that can be utilized in order to get the best possible construction photos. These include:


  • Aerial Photography: Construction aerial photography can be used to capture sweeping areas, allowing clients to catch a glimpse into every area of the construction site as well as the surrounding areas.
  • Action Photography: A picture’s worth a thousand words. Action shots can reveal what your job sites look like, whether or not you’re following safety protocol, and so much more. While you want clients to focus on what the building looks like, action shots are important to focus on throughout the project as well.
  • Timelapse Photography: Every construction photo helps your company tell a story and provides prospective clients with accompanying visuals so they can see how your business navigates the construction process.


Using all of the above types of photography will be critical to capturing construction photos that are effective in converting leads and landing projects.


What Are the Benefits of Construction Photography?


Every construction photo is a means to provide clients with visual evidence of your work. But while this is the most notable benefit, it’s certainly not the only one. Here are a few key benefits of using a construction photographer to capture your work.


  • Documents Timelines: No matter how striking a building may be once it’s finished, no client wants to deal with a company that keeps pushing back a project deadline unnecessarily. Construction photos allow you to document timelines so clients understand how long specific projects have taken to complete.
  • Captures Company Progress (Especially Over Time): As it is with any industry, construction practices will change over time. Capturing each project allows you to document your progress as a company, how construction methods have changed, and how your business has become more efficient.
  • Generates Attention From More Than Clients: Construction site photography isn’t just valuable for marketing materials. Whether you’re looking to attract more employees, generate buzz around your company to help you successfully acquire accolades, or beyond, photo evidence of your work can help you get there.

How Can I Take Successful Photographs?


Successfully capturing construction progress is heavily dependent upon equipment, strategy, and planning. For example, you need to know what time of day to take photos at to get the best lighting as well as what angles to capture that display your project in an impactful way. These are skills your company can learn, but it’s generally best to reach out to a skilled construction photographer with extensive experience working with companies like your own.


What Equipment Do I Need?


The equipment that you need to photograph a construction site depends upon the type of photography that you’re pursuing. If you’re interested in aerial photography, a high-quality drone is an essential investment. For photography on the ground, tripods, products that block out ambient light in outdoor environments, sunscreens, reflectors, and more are in order. The process of capturing images on a construction site is extensive and requires a heavy investment if you plan on tackling it yourself.

The good news? There are plenty of companies out there that will help you capture your construction site so you can focus on what you do best. Aerial Innovations is here to help you elevate your construction business with a wide range of photography and videography services. From stunning aerial construction shots and drone footage to ground photos that get up close and personal with your team during the construction process, we’re ready to document your construction project for marketing materials and more. Ready to get started? Contact us now to get a quote and learn more about the next steps!